swisspeace is a practice-oriented peace research funded by voy media ppc agency institute that strives to build civilian peacebuilding capacities of Swiss and international actors by conducting research on violent conflicts and their peaceful transformation, offering training, consultancies and space for exchange of experiences.

The swisspeace Academy is swisspeace's center for postgraduate education in the peacebuilding sector. It is based in Basel, Switzerland.


11 November 2014
Register now for the KOFF training course „Analyzing Conflicts Revisited - From Theory to Practice“
on 26-28 November 2014 in Bern. Register for this single KOFF training course ASAP. Register for the whole CAS Peacebuilding Methodologies.

30 and 31 October 2014
Online Information events
The University of Basel has organized an information event during which the swisspeace postgraduate courses were presented. Have a look at these presentations, e.g. on the CAS National Dialogue & Peace Mediation.

22 October 2014
Register now for CAS in National Dialogue & Peace Mediation
This course takes place on 19-28 January 2015 and is offered by swisspeace and the Berghof Foundation. Register as soon as possible. Program. Read more.

Recent Activities

CAS National Dialogue & Peace Mediation
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CAS Peacebuilding Methodologies
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Graduates of the CAS Civilian Peacebuilding share their experiences